=Full speed ahead on the own route 666=
Hey, also the muzzle full to the brim of the whole tasteless mass lining in the hard field?
Then please open your ear canals very wide now:
Because of the wild roaring forcefully powersound this Bavarian four-cylinder engine clockes with damn lively individuality!
Finally, the whole thing is driven by a sharp priming mix of sheer exclusivity.
Yeah , DEATHLESS CREATION turn to a really fat THRASH’N’ROLL engine!

On September 25, the four kerosene-souls release their debut album “Thrash‘N‘Roll”, which can be used as efficiently adrenaline booster.
Today, 4th of September the speed limiter will get provoked with the upper permeable single “King Of The Lonesome Riders”.

The highly independently output of this contagious playful riff maniacs from Germany gets the idea-catalyst such highly glowing that it acts not rarely in musically enlightening manner.
And it’s truly no wonder, because there mixture sparks such good:
In the always brimming tank of these guys such delicious influences as PANTERA, MACHINE HEAD, METALLICA, EXODUS, THE BEATLES, DEEP PURPLE and WHITESNAKE get stirred powerfully with blues and rock music out of the 60s and 70s.
Vocals/Guitar: Benne Rommel
Guitar: Vlad Nikolov
Bass: Eric Arikan
Drums: Stefan Schaubele